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Rosie's Cove
Riverbend, New Orleans, LA, USA

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Top 10 Unique Qualities Of Rosie's Cove

1. Nestled amongst world-class Riverbend, New Orleans restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, boutiques and spas built in quaint, colorful, refurbished wood houses on Maple St, Oak St, Hampson St, Dublin St, Carrollton Ave and St Charles Avenue

2. Gorgeous, open-air balcony view of famous Mississippi River levee, passing ships, and tropical Gulf South sunsets just a block away

3. Easy access to 6 parks within a mile including Dublin Park, Audubon Park, The Butterfly, Doggie Park, Palmer Park and Mississippi River Trail (MRT), which spans from its headwaters in Itasca, Minnesota through New Orleans out to the Gulf Of Mexico

4. Located at the convergence of 8 neighborhoods~Riverbend, Carrollton, Leonidas, University, Audubon, Black Pearl, Uptown and Jefferson~a virtual tapestry of New Orleans life!

5. Newly painted 100 year old house overlooks historic, green Dublin park, site of local, national, and international travel getaways for hundreds of years, as well as the largest outdoor market in New Orleans after the French Market, prior to mid-1900's.

6. Just steps to St. Charles/Carrollton Streetcar and various city bus lines which offer easy access to any New Orleans neighborhood, as well as local festivals including Jazzfest, French Quarter Fest, Voodoo Fest, and Mardi name a few!

7. Beautiful promenade-style streets lined with Live Oak trees, blooming flowers, delightful garden patios, and friendly community offer peaceful, pedestrian-friendly walks throughout the neighborhood

8. Earthy, colorful furnishings and natural cleaning products provide guests with comfort and ease to love their trip while staying healthy and happy. Guests may wish to book Holistic/Natural Healing Sessions including yoga, organic & seasonal cooking, aromatherapy, wellness coaching and more during their stay!

9. Visits with friends and family in the neighborhood and throughout the city are made easy by having an extra place to stay

10. Natural, home cooked artisan meals, exotic herbal teas, travel tips and 5 star service from award winning local, national, and international traveler, Holistic & Natural Health Consultant, Proprietress, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in various for-profit, as well as not-for-profit addition to 20+ years of life as local New Orleanian!

Most importantly, Rosie's Cove hosts the greatest guests in the world!! Rosie's Cove always strives to be the hostess with the mostest and serve the guest-ests who are bestest!!


Rosie's Cove, also known as The Cove, is a cozy, ecclectic, funky, good times, travel getaway apartment in historic, Carrollton-Riverbend New Orleans. The Cove is available for travelers passing through the Big Easy to stay as a guest for a nite, week, or longer depending on availability. Rosie's Cove is set up 'Home Hostal' style. This means you will stay in a furnished bedroom and share full amenities in common areas with other travelers during your stay unless, booked for private accommodations.

Rosie's Cove is situated at one end of the 'crescent', within the Crescent City, in an elegant, earthy, artsy, ecclectic, charming, ideally located neighborhood where beautiful gardens, stately oaks and ornately, painted houses abound. This historic, Carrollton-Riverbend neighborhood in Uptown served as vacation quarters 'in the country' for city-folk dwelling in the French Quarter who ferried riverboats upstream for Summer rest, relaxation, cooler temperatures and fun on the Mississippi. The Cove overlooks newly, replanted Dublin Park once, home to the largest outdoor market, second to the French Market, in New Orleans. Watch riverboats sail by, cargo trains headed to their next destination, and the oldest, continuously, running public transportation in the city~the St. Charles Streetcar~right from Rosie's Cove balcony! Only in New Orleans!

Rosie's Cove is located within one block of local restaurants ~ Asian, European, African, Mediterranean, Latin American, Light Fare, New Orleans casual & fine dining, cafes, bars, stores, parks, St. Charles/Carrollton Streetcar line, grand, Mississippi River and jogging-biking trail. Dozens more local, neighborhood businesses are tucked within a 1 mile walking radius of The Cove and hundreds more including French Market, Art Markets, Crescent City Farmers Market, Whole Foods, Audubon Park, Zoo, Golf Course, and Swimming Pool, New Orleans Museum of Art, and City Park are just a short, walk, bike or streetcar ride away! Walk to world-renowned Uptown niteclubs or hop on the streetcar for a quick ride to the French Quarter, Marigny, Central Business District, Garden District, Irish Channel or Mid-City to hear the best live music in the world!

Fully Furnished, Natural-Style Furnishings, Warm Colors, Galley-Style Kitchen With Breakfast Bar, Common Room With Dining & Lounge Area, Full Bath, Balcony Overlooking Park, Gated Outdoor Patio, Hardwood Floors, Cathedral Ceilings, Ceiling Fans, Exposed Brick Fireplaces, Large Windows, Washer-Dryer, WiFi, Plenty of Parking, Sunshine All Day!

Summertime Fun ~ Enjoy Rosie's Cove balcony with roomy, adirondack chairs overlooking Dublin Park AND outdoor patio filled with plants, flowers, ample seating for entertaining & a lovely, refreshing, saltwater dipping pool**!

positive outlook
guests desired.


Master Bedroom ~ Riverbend Gem

Bedroom/Den ~ Riverbend Nook


Common Room ~ Riverbend Sweet Spot

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*Be sure to ask about our Private Rental & Group Hospitality rates, as well as international, student, volunteer, family, and other discounts!*

Plush bedding, towels, utilities, free tourist information included.

Check-in & Check-out at noon.
As guest arrival & departure times may vary according to transportation scheduling, Rosie's Cove strives to accommodate guest needs. Please, inform Proprietress of scheduling needs as soon as you have your itinerary.

Student, Volunteer, Couples, Group, Kid & other discounts vary according to availability.

Children welcome!

Continental breakfast and healthy, home cooked meals offered upon request for additional fee. Cost varies according to request. Rosie's Cove is dietarily friendly to diverse food, cooking, & kitchen needs and strives to accommodate guests accordingly.

Day-guests invited with permission of Proprietress. Nite-guests invited with permission of Proprietress, for standard nitely fee, and according to availability.

Neither Rosie's Cove nor Jennifer A. Sachs shall be responsible for lost/stolen items during your stay nor injuries to guests. By making a deposit with Rosie's Cove, you are agreeing to 100% responsibility for your belongings & yourself!

First come, first serve!


Why Rosie's Cove?
National, international and local travelers, wedding-goers, volunteers, professionals, students and adventuresome people often look for accommodations that blend the best assets of a youth hostel and bed & breakfast in both price range and style. This is where Rosie's Cove comes in...Convenience, affordability, peacefulness and fun--packaged into one!!

Also...I lived in the heart of Madrid, Spain for a year. Living in Europe and traveling through many countries changed my world perspective for the rest of my life. My Junior Year Abroad experience, during which I lived in an international student hostal, was one of the best life educations I've experienced to date. Interacting with travelers from other countries, cultures, and languages teaches us about our global diversity, builds bridges, and brings 'far-away' places close to home!

See where I lived in Spain!

(Street Map)

The accommodations have been upgraded and 'Hostal Duque' ~ which hosted students for a semester, year, or longer ~ appears to function as a short-term hotel-style hostal, now. The space has been refurbished and looks gorgeous!

Why Does Rosie's Cove Advertise For Friendly, Peaceful, Mature, Positive Outlook, Communal, Respectful Guests?

Rosie's Cove is a home which seeks to be your 'home away from home' during your stay! Unlike a 'Condo' or 'Vacation Unit' which can often be cold and impersonal, Rosie's Cove strives to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for all guests and the hostess. This means that Rosie's Cove will go out of it's way to make sure all your 'home away from home' needs are met, which may include being offered a home-cooked meal or a glass of home-brewed herbal tea, sampling natural soaps & shampoos, receiving regular phone calls or emails regarding the enjoyment of your stay, accommodating for children or a small pet, and more!

Since Guest Will Be Staying In Someone's Home, Should Guest Bring Or Leave A Gift?

Sharing a small, gift with Rosie's Cove is your choice, of course! However, reciprocal 'homey' and 'cozy' gestures of warmth & kindness are always, appreciated! Guests often, gift tea, wine, food, soap, handmade stationery, or a novelty from their native country or state upon arrival. Guests also, enjoy gifting plants, pastries, a local souvenir for the apartment, or treating the hostess to a meal upon departure. Small, kind, personable tokens of gratitude from both hostess & guest are great conversation starters and displays of respect. Rosie's Cove also, deeply, believes in good travel karma! We strive to help you enjoy your home away from home, love learning about faves from your native culture, and always, hope to provide you the same.

What are guest responsibilities while staying at

'The Cove'?
The good news're on vacation! Or volunteering in the community, attending a wedding, studying for school, performing an internship, or deeply, involved in whatever activity may bring you to The Big Easy! First & foremost, Rosie's Cove expects guest to have a good time! However, even while the fun is going down, we do ask that you keep your room and the apartment clean & tidy including free of old food & debris, regularly pick up after yourself in common areas, and respect the basics of healthy, delightful living!

Staying in someone's home means that you will not have daily maid service...which is part of what allows us to keep our prices affordable and accessible to lots of different people!

While the hostess is in town, you may on occasion, be asked to take out the trash & recycling, make the bed if another future guest is coming to view the apartment, bring in a package from the rain on your way in or participate in another small request that contributes to the overall communal atmosphere of the apartment. If the hostess is out of town, beyond basic standards of cleanliness including regular trash & recycling removal, rinsing air conditioner filters in the summer months, or adding chlorine to the dipping pool when it is available, you may be asked to water the few indoor plants that keep Rosie's Cove green-friendly, bring in the mail, set a time with a future guest to view the space, or other small, home tasks that help to keep Rosie's Cove--and your successful stay--rolling!

Do Guests Need Sheets, Towels, Bedding, Or Linens Of Any Sort?
Nope! Rosie's Cove provides all of the above!

What Is Rosie's Cove Commitment To Sustainability?
Organic & natural cleaning products, natural linens, sustainably harvested & labored furniture, recycling & composting, organic & natural food/drink, respectful water & energy usage, supporting local farmers, fishers, merchants, and business, supporting local artists/art markets & musicians, local & international community building endeavors, usage of fair trade products...& more!! 

Guests May Have A Late Nite Arrival.
Can Rosie's Cove Accommodate This?
Yes! Rosie's Cove works with each guest to insure successful & relaxed arrival & departures from the apartment.

Safety Is Important To All Guests.
Is Rosie's Cove Neighborhood Safe?
Rosie's Cove cannot guarantee circumstances however, statistically, the Riverbend neighborhood is among the safest in New Orleans.

What Are The Transportation Options Available From The Louis Armstrong International Airport To Rosie's Cove?
You may choose a cab, airport shuttle, public bus or rental car.

The Airport-Downtown Express E-2 Public bus is boarded outside airport entrance #7 on the upper level of the airport. Fare is $1.50 to the Tulane Ave @ Carrollton Ave stop or $2.00 to the Tulane Ave @ Loyola Ave stop. To deboard at the Loyola Ave/downtown stop, you must ask for a transfer upon boarding the E-2 bus since you will be riding from Jefferson Parish (county) to Orleans parish (county) although you will stay on this same bus until the Tulane Ave @ Loyola Ave stop.

Tulane Ave @ Carrollton Ave
Riders may catch New Orleans RTA (Regional Transit Authority) Leonidas Bus #32 Map & Schedule toward Uptown on the corner of Carrollton @ Tulane and deboard on the corner of Carrollton @ Maple Street. When you deboard the E-2 to catch the Leonidas #32 to Rosie's Cove, you must cross Tulane Ave to the bus stop. Fare is $1.25 ~ No transfer pass is available from the E-2 to the #32 because they operate in different 'parishes' or counties/districts.

Alternately, riders may catch New Orleans RTA (Regional Transit Authority) Tulane Bus #39 ~ Map & Schedule* toward Uptown on the corner of Carrollton @ Tulane,  deboard on the corner of Carrollton @ Claiborne Ave, and then catch either the Carrollton/St Charles Streetcar ~ Map & Schedule or St Charles Streetcar Shuttle #13 (looks like regular city bus) ~ Map & Schedule**  to Maple Street. When you deboard the Jefferson E-2 to catch the Tulane #39 to Rosie's Cove, you must cross Tulane Ave to the bus stop. Fare is $1.25 ~ No transfer pass is available from the E-2 to the #39 because they operate in different 'parishes' or counties/districts. However, you can pay for a transfer pass from Tulane Bus #39 to Carrollton/St Charles Streetcar or St Charles Streetcar Shuttle Bus #13 when you first board Tulane Bus #39. 

*Tulane Bus #39 picks up at Carrollton Ave @ Tulane Ave approximately every 30 minutes from 5:46 am to 1:46 am (breaks for 4 hours) so, be certain to check the schedules for pick up times. 

**St Charles Streetcar Shuttle #13 runs every 10 minutes from 7am to 7:50 pm (breaks for 11 hours) so be certain to check the following schedule for pick up times.

Tulane Ave @ Loyola Ave
Riders may walk 2 blocks downtown on Loyola/Elk Place to Canal Street & Basin Street. Remain on the Uptown side of Canal, heading toward the Mississippi River. The Canal Streetcar will pick you up here and take you to the St Charles Streetcar at St Charles Avenue & Bourbon St. Or guests may walk 4 blocks toward the river to St Charles Ave & Bourbon St where the St Charles streetcar will pick you up to bring you Uptown to Rosie's Cove. Fare is $1.25 ~ No transfer pass is available from the E-2 to the streetcar because they operate in differnt 'parishes' or counties/districts. Ride the streetcar Uptown and deboard at the corner of Carrollton Avenue @ Maple Street. Maple St is the 2nd stop after the streetcar turns from St Charles Ave onto Carrollton Ave. Maple St is the stop after the Camellia Grill!

Airport Shuttle may be booked ahead of travel or at the airport, fare is $38 roundtrip or $20 one-way and free for children under 6. Duration of travel may be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on route of driver and number of passengers.

Cabs from a variety of companies may be hailed at the airport. Fare is $33 + tip one-way, between New Orleans & Louis Armstrong International Airport. Duration of travel is approximately, 15 minutes during non-peak hours.

How Do I Get From The Amtrak/Greyhound Station To Rosie's Cove?
You may choose a cab or streetcar.

Cabs are hailed in the semi-circle driveway of the shared Amtrak/Greyhound Station, just outside the front door. Fare is approximately, $15 + tip. Duration of travel is approximately, 15 minutes. Rosie's Cove recommends that you ask your cab driver to drive you up the lovely, historic, tree-lined St. Charles Avenue and turn right on Carrollton Avenue to Maple Street.

The St Charles Avenue streetcar is hailed at Lee Circle @ St. Charles Avenue. Fare is $1.25. Duration of ride is 15 minutes during non-peak hours to 45 minutes during peak hours. St. Charles Ave-Carrollton Ave streetcars run approximately, every 10-15 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes to an hour during the evenings with a 3 hour recess from 3am-6am. To catch the streetcar upon your arrival at the shared Amtrak/Greyhound Station, walk out the front door and straight for 4 blocks on Howard Avenue. You will cross Loyola Ave, Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, Baronne St & Carondelet St. Turn right on St. Charles Ave and remain on the same side of St. Charles from which you approach the streetcar tracks. You will see streetcar tracks on the 'neutral ground' or median and an oblong yellow sign on a metal pole that says 'CAR STOP'. Ride the streetcar Uptown to the Riverbend. Deboard at Maple St, the second stop after the streetcar turns from St. Charles to Carrollton Ave.

What Is The Public Transportation In New Orleans?
Public transportation in New Orleans includes streetcars, buses, and free ferries.

Currently, there are 3 operating streetcar lines:

St Charles Avenue Streetcar ~ Uptown-Downtown
Runs between Uptown ~ Carrollton neighborhood (Carrollton Ave @ Claiborne Ave) and Downtown ~ French Quarter/Central Business District neighborhood (Canal St @ Bourbon St), passing through Carrollton, Leonidas, University, Audubon, Irish Channel, Upper Garden District, Lower Garden District, Warehouse District Central Business District, French Quarter
St. Charles Streetcar Map & Schedule 

Canal Streetcar ~ Downtown-Midcity
Runs between Downtown ~ French Quarter/Central Business District (Canal St @ Decatur St) through Claiborne to Midcity (Canal St @ Carrollton Ave)
Canal Streetcar Map & Schedule

Riverfront Streetcar ~ Convention Center-Wharf
Runs between Downtown/Riverwalk-Marc Morial Convention Center (Canal St @ Decatur St) through scenic & historic New Orleans Mississippi Riverfront to Governor Nicholls St Wharf
Riverfront Streetcar Map & Schedule

There are also, many buses:

Fare for streetcars & buses is $1.25, transfers are available and extended passes may be purchased. A one day streetcar-bus Jazzy pass is $3 and can be purchased upon boarding. The multi-day Jazzy Pass can be purchased in 3 day ($9) or 31 day ($55) increments and can be purchased at Walgreens, various hotels, grocery stores, banks, and retailers. All RTA passes expire at 4am. For more information please contact RTA directly:

New Orleans~Algiers Ferry (FREE)

The ferry runs every day from 6 am - 12:15 am, and departs from the New Orleans side at :15 and :45 past the hour. It departs from the West Bank on the hour and :30 past the hour.

You can board the ferry, which has been in operation since 1827, at the foot of Canal Street – right next to the Aquarium of the Americas. The ride is free for pedestrians and $1 for cars making the return trip from the West Bank back to New Orleans. From Canal Street to the West Bank, there is no charge for cars.

Where Do I Pick Up The Streetcar Near Rosie's Cove?
There is a streetcar stop on Carrollton @ Maple Street. Look for the long, rectangular, yellow 'Car Stop' sign on the neutral ground. To head downtown, catch the streetcar on the same side of Carrollton as Rosie's Cove. You will know you are heading downtown when the streetcar rides 2 blocks, passes the Camellia Grill, and turns left onto St Charles. You will know when you have arrived in the French Quarter when you reach Canal St @ Bourbon St and the streetcar driver announces 'Last Stop'! Fare is $1.25. Transfer to another streetcar line or a city bus is $.20. St. Charles Ave-Carrollton Ave streetcars run approximately, every 10-15 minutes during the day and 15 minutes to one hour at night, with a 3 hour recess from 3am-6am. Canal St streetcars run approximately, every 10-15 minutes throughout the day and evening. Riverfront streetcars run approximately, every 10 minutes throughout the day and evening.

Where Do I Pick Up A Bus Near Rosie's Cove?
There are bus stops along Carrollton and St. Charles. There also, are various busses, including the Magazine bus (this requires a transfer at Audubon Park/Zoo) that can be picked up in the turnabout where Carrollton and St. Charles meet, near the River. Fare is $1.25. Transfer to another bus line or streetcar is $.20.

How Do I Catch A Cab From Rosie's Cove?
United Cabs is the closest and fastest way to hail a cab in the Riverbend or order a cab for door to door service.

Does Rosie's Cove Have A Guestbook To Sign At The Apartment Or Online?
Yes! Feel free to sign Rosie's Cove pink guestbook on the desk of the Common Room-Salon in the apartment. Or join & leave a comment on Rosie's Cove Facebook Page or Become A Friend/Write A Review/Mark Us As Your 'Favorite' on Airbnb!

**Due to the extreme climactic heat & humidity, backyard dipping pools can sometimes, decay throughout summer months. Rosie's Cove strives to provide all guests with the opportunity to dip. However, we do not provide discounts or refunds should the pool be inaccessible or pool services terminated during warm months.

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